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Through solar top-notch technology, we create economical, ecological and social value for your business. On your end, processes are made easy with our turnkey solutions and hassle-free value chain.

Solar Carports & EV Chargers

Four reasons to adopt our solutions as of today.

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The response to the challenges of the climate and environmental crisis will come from a set of solutions and behaviors adopted on a large scale by communities, businesses and individuals.
Among these solutions, the integration of photovoltaics and electromobility is obvious.

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Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is everywhere! Consequently, the "solar" sector has developed on this possibility of producing electricity, locally and everywhere, making possible a short circuit "production - consumption" on the scale of a company or even a single-family house.

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The cost of an electric vehicle fleet and the associated electricity budget is already lower than the cost of an equivalent fleet of thermal vehicles and the associated fuel budget. In Belgium, this comparative advantage will be further strengthened in the years to come with the gradual end of tax benefits (end of deductibility) for combustion vehicles.

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The natural resistance to change, fears related to “range anxiety” due to a lower range of electric vehicles and a lower density of charging points compared to gas stations, the difficulty or impossibility of recharging his/her vehicle at home (house without private parking, apartment buildings in town, shared rentals, etc.) are still psychological barriers in the way.

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